Get started

What to do, what to do.

Some of you probably have big ideas and we love big ideas. Some of you may want to contemplate what you’re reading or what you heard from Executive Constantine, your managers or front runners. The truth is, we can’t give you a roadmap, but we can give you tools. We’re working on building online support models as the program grows and evolves. In the meantime, we encourage you to do any of the following:

  • Read this blog. Comment, ask questions, engage.
  • Read the articles posted under “Recommended reading.”  This list will grow.
  • Consider your own work and change leadership.
  • Think about how your work ties to the Countywide Strategic Plan and how you will measure the work to know that you’re being effective.
  • Submit a suggestion to the employee suggestion box.
  • Talk with your managers and supervisors about changes you think can help create efficiencies.
  • Join our experimental conversation in the yammer community called “Be the difference”
  • Tell us what you think.
  • Talk to your coworkers about this program and about your ideas.

There is much more to come and we look forward to working with all of you in the coming months (and years!) to make it happen.

3 Responses “Get started” →

  1. Lisa Huntley

    October 28, 2010

    I particularly like this suggestion:
    •Think about how your work ties to the Countywide Strategic Plan and how you will measure the work to know that you’re being effective.

    Perhaps a good start would be for the Executive to explain why no bargaining is even scheduled for contracts that expire 12/31/10? (For example 117 P&T/Admin) Especially given this item from the strategic plan:
    -Ensure effective partnerships with our workforce, including timely resolution of bargaining and related issues

    • Thanks for reading the blog and for your good question. We need employees asking difficult questions that ask us to look at whether current labor management policies and procedures serve our needs. We checked in with the Office of Labor relations to get your specific question answered and they shared the following:

      Many factors influence the start of actual negotiations such as informal discussions, scheduling, and issues that need to be concluded before negotiations can commence. An example of the last factor could be the recently concluded negotiations between the County and Coalition of Unions regarding the 2011 COLA. Also, there are on-going conversations between Labor and Management at a monthly Roundtable meeting about how to make the process efficient and effective. If you have questions in regard to your specific bargaining unit your union representative is in the best position to give you information about the state of the negotiations.


  2. Scott Neal

    January 14, 2012

    Thanks for providing the place to discuss and ask questions regarding the lean process. One of my frustrations with our system is the lack of clear internal processes for developing policy. This a major part of my work and that of others in my section as we work on identifying policies that affect health, building support and rationale for such policies, and working proposed policies through our dept.,involving the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office review, the Executive’s Office and then ultimately to the Board of Health or King County Council. Unforutnately there is no identified path to follow when undertaking this kind of effort.

    Our section would like to begin a lean journey in developing a lean process for policy development, but clearly our section’s influence is not enough to impact this process alone. So we would need representatives from varous depts. to effectively address this through this effort through the lean process. How do we identify the appropriate staff from various depts. and most importantly how do we gain Executive leadership buy in to undertake this effort?


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