We’re hoping this blog provides a starting place for conversation, but we also know employees sometimes want space to talk more informally or start their own conversations about ideas we haven’t yet addressed.

To that end, we have created a yammer community called “Be the difference.”  Employees with King County email addresses can join yammer (a free online social networking tool) and from there join the “Be the difference” community. If you don’t have a King County email address, we can still invite you to join the group, but you’ll need to provide us a working email address and your name. Please email those details to

Yammer is an experiment for King County right now amd we encourage you to join the conversation and experiment with us.

Written by Sabra Schneider, King County Webmaster

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  1. Is there any way for King County to develop one universal phone system tree to better direct citizens to the public services they need? I get calls all the time for services such as property taxes, tax appeals, elections, deeds and public health. I notice even the supervisors in my section getting these calls as well. Can’t we use current phone technology to better direct the public to these services? A lot of these people I speak with on the phone ask me why King County doesn’t have an automated phone system, to better direct them?


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