What’s the Difference?

Posted on July 6, 2011 by

OK, I’ve been trying to ‘Be the Difference’ since attending a frontrunners course several months ago and it’s hard for me to tell if I’ve improved anything.  My primary role at King County is to perform strategic technology planning. There are two things about this role that make it hard to tell if I’m making a difference.    First, strategy tends to focus on results that are several years out, so It’s hard to gauge impacts in just a few months.  Second, Information Technology is primarily an internal service provider, meaning our success depends on our customers’ success.    Now that I’ve written it down, I’m guessing that there are many others out there in this same boat.   

Despite this in-ability to quantify the difference I am making, I still believe that I am making a difference.  I’ve identified a few processes that I work on where I’ve made some improvements, I’ve talked with others about potential process changes and agreed on some processes to be changed, my attitude is positive, and it feels like there is a lot of energy countywide around supporting process improvements.

So where is this blog post going?  I figured it might be helpful to hear some examples of how others are making a difference, how you identified those efforts,  what was critical to your success, and were you able to quantify success?  Conversely, if you have tried to improve a process, but somehow stalled, what were the primary hurdles or factors that kept you from your goal?

If you’ve experienced either of these situations, please share what you can by replying to this post– it doesn’t need to be lengthy or detailed.  I will read all responses and hopefully be able to incorporate any learning’s into my own efforts (maybe others will too – now that could make a difference  :o).   Thanks!